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Tim Heidecker Runs For District Attorney in the 'Mister America' Trailer

The forthcoming film comes from Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s long-running web series 'On Cinema.'
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Future's Search for Redemption and 8 More Albums for Heavy Rotation

Spiritual drones and old folk songs fill out this week's essential listening.
Colin Joyce
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Gary Suarez

Tim Heidecker's Divorce Album Is No Joke

The cult funnyman is known for his irreverent and outlandish comedy on Adult Swim, but his new album 'What The Brokenhearted Do…' gets real about an imaginary break-up.
Gary Suarez
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Tim Heidecker’s New Trump Parody Songs Remind Us Things Are Still Very Bad

Are we laughing or are we deeply concerned about the future?
Josh Terry
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Tim Heidecker's New Song 'Ballad of the Incel Man' Is Savage as Hell

It's a brilliant roast of the kind of dudes that wear 'Hillary for Prison' shirts or whatever.
River Donaghey

Tim Heidecker Is the Satirist America Deserves

The comedic visionary talks Trump, building his own universe, and the audacity of hopelessness.
Patrick Marlborough
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Some Serious Anti-Trump Music

The Dean of American Rock Critics review Dawn Oberg's 'Nothing Rhymes with Orange' and Tim Heidecker's 'Too Dumb for Suicide.'
Robert Christgau
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You Can Now Get Drunk on Dr. Steve Brule's Sweet Berry Wine

For your health!
Drew Schwartz
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Tim and Eric Are Dropping an Anniversary Episode of 'Awesome Show'

They're also coming back with a new season of 'Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories.'
Drew Schwartz

Being Unlikeable Comes Naturally to Tim Heidecker

We chat with the Adult Swim star about the new season of 'Decker: Unsealed' and his unique approach to filmmaking.
Matthew James-Wilson
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Father John Misty, Chill and Self-Effacing Guy, Duet with Tim Heidecker on "I Am a Cuck"

Nice robe, man.
Lauren O'Neill
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Flying Lotus Says His Controversial Debut Film 'Kuso' Was About Telling Different Black Stories

The Brainfeeder boss tells us how his gross-out movie was inspired by Japanese manga and Alejandro Jodorowsky.
Corinne Przybyslawski