This Tokyo Pop-Up Promises Boba Fans the 'Tapioca Land of Your Dreams'

New York's Boba Room was a disappointing mess, but this Harajuku event promises you'll "experience tapioca with your whole body."


"I Will Kill You": Japanese Man Attacks Schoolgirls, Killing 2

Sixteen people were injured in the stabbing attack at a bus stop in a Tokyo suburb, most of them girls between 6 and 12.


Tokyo's New "Chicago Pizza" Trend Looks a Hell of a Lot Like Fondue

A gooey, cheesy dish called シカゴピザ, which translates to "Chicago pizza" or "Shikago Pizza," is all the rage in Tokyo.


Japan Just Executed the Leaders of an LSD-Fueled Doomsday Science Cult

The wild story of Aum Shinrikyo, a religious cult steeped in science and high technology that carried out a deadly sarin attack in Tokyo in 1995.


The Best Hangover Cures, According to Japanese Drinkers

I stayed out all night drinking to test them out.


How-To: Eat Sushi with Naomichi Yasuda

If you've been using chopsticks to pick up sushi rolls, you're doing it all wrong. Let Tokyo sushi master Naomichi Yasuda teach you the dos and don'ts of eating sushi.


Fear and Loathing in New York's Ten Best Ramen Shops

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Stereotype-Free Photos of Japanese Schoolgirls

Everyday images of an all-girls high school in Tokyo where life doesn't imitate anime.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

California wildfires spread even more, Arizona congressman quits over sexual misconduct, dozens injured at protests over Trump's Jerusalem move, and more.


Newark Airport Is Now Home to Some of the Best Sushi on the East Coast

A mini version of Japan's world-famous seafood market has opened in the New Jersey air travel hub.


Cops Say Japanese Serial Killer Used Twitter to Lure Suicidal Victims

Takahiro Shiraishi​ reportedly admitted to killing nine people since August after police found multiple severed heads and bodies in his apartment.


This Guy Makes Bootleg Ayahuasca from Traditional Japanese Herbs

A part-time "shaman" on the outskirts of Tokyo is offering hallucinatory experiences he hopes will help treat depression and spark innovation throughout Japan.