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Can I Speak to Your Manager?: The Beauty & Necessity of A Notorious Haircut

Known best for being worn by women who need to speak their mind to managers and popularized by Sharon Osbourne in the early 00s, this often-maligned haircut is actually great.
Diana Tourjée

Victoria Beckham Is a Fucking Legend

A much-deserved cultural moment for the fashion designer, ex-Spice Girl, and eternal queen of never smiling.
Lauren O'Neill
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Lol Sorry, Victoria Beckham Says the Spice Girls Won't Tour

She quashed rumours of a slew of arena shows in a new interview with British Vogue.
Lauren O'Neill
This Week in 2007

Remembering Victoria Beckham's Iconic Trip to the DMV

Posh Spice's reality show may have failed, but her trip to the USA's First Circle of Hell will live forever.
Mitchell Sunderland
the legend of golden balls

How David Beckham Became Football’s First Truly Global Brand

Though many players of the nineties and noughties were at least as iconic as Beckham, and some more talented, ‘Golden Balls’ broke the corporate mould like no other. Here’s how he ceased to be a footballer and became a brand instead.
Will Magee
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It's Now "Sir Ray Davies" and "Victoria Beckham, Officer of the British Empire" Because the Queen Said So

The British monarch’s New Year’s List bestowed a knighthood upon the Kink and a significant honour upon the former Spice Girl.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Preserve the Legacy of the Spice Girls By Maybe Not Listening to This

Dear oh dear.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Holy Shit, It Looks Like The Spice Girls are Sort of Reuniting

Ginger, Baby, and Scary “want to have a big party - and when we do, you’re all invited.”
Alex Robert Ross

Science Finally Explained My Resting Bitch Face to Me

After researchers used a program called FaceReader to study the phenomenon of "Resting Bitch Face," I decided to get my hands on the program myself and see how bad my RBF was.
Maddison Connaughton

Inside the Lucrative World of Online Hair Markets

Selling your hair can bring you hundreds of dollars from wigmakers, high-end doll artists, and even some fetishists.
Arthur White

We Went to Today's London Protest Against Dolce & Gabbana's Gay Parenting Comments

LGBT Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell was there, as well as a red-faced Rod Liddle, who suggested most fashion designers are fascists.
Daisy Jones
amy winehouse

Coming Out About Eating Disorders Might Not Be Cathartic, But It's Important

Girls' Zosia Mamet became the latest celebrity to share her struggle with an eating disorder this week. Author and previous anorexia sufferer Emma Woolf explains how important this public "coming out" is.
Emma Woolf