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Former Amazon Employees Helped Make a Hotline to Report Unsafe Working Conditions

A new project wants to help Amazon workers report unsafe working conditions.


How Much It Sucks to Be a Sri Lankan Worker Making Beyoncé's New Clothing Line

According to a newspaper investigation, the sweatshop workers making the Ivy Park collection for Topshop are only making 64 cents an hour. We ask an expert on the Sri Lankan clothes industry just how bad the situation really is.


Inside the Squalid Living Conditions for the Migrants Building Trump International Golf Club in Dubai

Check out exclusive clips from our upcoming episode of 'VICE' on HBO, airing April 22 at 11 PM.


We Talk to the Co-Creator of the Occupy Wall Street Movement Today on 'Daily VICE'

Then Motherboard takes a look at the unregulated world of vaping and the Creators Project tells us about the women behind 'The Powerpuff Girls' revival.


How Strippers Are Fighting Exploitative Workplace Environments

Strippers in Las Vegas and elsewhere are pushing back against rules that make it harder for them to earn a living or file claims for sexual harassment.


The Silent Epidemic Behind Nicaragua's Rum

The citizens of Chichigalpa, a small town in western Nicaragua, are dying at an alarming rate. Research has linked conditions in sugarcane fields, which produce molasses for rum, to an epidemic of kidney disease.


$7.50 for a Day’s Work (Extra Scene from 'The Fruits of Cheap Labor')

In this extra scene, a 52-year-old farm worker receives her daily wage for picking strawberries in northern Mexico. Her salary is $7.50 — plus a marshmallow.


Leaving Their Kids Locked Up (Excerpt from ‘The Fruits of Cheap Labor’)

In this excerpt, VICE News visits a slum serving as an illegal hotel, where day laborers leave their children unattended as they head out to find work in the farmlands of Sinaloa.


At Amazon, Employees Treat the Bathroom as an Extension of the Office

A former employee tells all about the company's aggressive restroom culture.


The Fruits of Mexico's Cheap Labor

VICE News heads to northern Mexico to investigate the working conditions on farms, where day laborers and their children handpick crops in 100-degree heat, earning as much in a day as their US counterparts make in an hour.


I Worked at Golden Corral, and It Was Disgusting

Inside a corral of golden contradictions, disgusting food, and good ol' fashioned American gluttony.