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Yung Lean Taps into His Inner Dylan on Lo-Fi ‘Nectar’ Project

It'd be hyperbolic to call him a modern-day Bob Dylan but this recent release: a) involves guitars and beat poetry; and b) is the best and most honest thing he’s made.
Ryan Bassil
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Yung Lean, Why Are You Always In The Forest?

The Swedish rapper and frequent collaborator Bladee have released a video for “Lordship” and they're out in the wilderness again.
Daisy Jones
Noisey News

Beach Fossils Covered Yung Lean and It's Making Us Weirdly Emotional

The New York band's Dustin Payseur put a dreamy spin on "Agony."
Kristin Corry
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Yung Lean's "Red Bottom Sky" Video Is Weird in a Good Way

A chainsaw, a ferret, a magic trunk, some old-timey dudes.
Lauren O'Neill
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Stream of the Crop: 8 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New albums from Yung Lean, Whitney, and Cloak top this week's list of essential records.
Noisey Staff
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Yung Lean Has Never Been Sadder Than He Is in His Short Film 'Stranger'

The dark, ambiguous film also comes with new music.
Phil Witmer
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Okay, Yung Lean's "Skimask" Really Is a Glitchy Bop

Lyrics from this latest track off upcoming album 'Stranger' will caption Vans Old Skool-heavy Insta posts for weeks.
Lauren O'Neill
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Yung Lean Sounds As Bouncy As a Spring Lamb on “Hunting My Own Skin”

He's also shared news of his next album 'Stranger,' due November 10.
Lauren O'Neill
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Yung Lean Delivers a Fresh New Sound on His Latest Track “Red Bottom Sky”

This is a different Lean from the one that first appeared on YouTube in 2013.
Noisey Staff
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With Almost No Fanfare, Yung Lean Released New Music Last Week

The Swedish rapper put out two EPs and a single under his jonatan leandoer127 moniker.
Lauren O'Neill

Wave Music Is a Marketing Tactic, Not a Microgenre

Like lo-fi house, it’s just an algorithm-friendly sound, packaged as a movement.
Ezra Marcus
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M.I.A Is Not Messing Around with Her Meltdown Festival Bookings

The lineup so far includes Crystal Castles, Yung Lean, Young Fathers, and of course, M.I.A.
Lauren O'Neill