Φωτογραφίες από μια Σχολή Wrestling, Γεμάτες Αίμα και Ιδρώτα

Η νέα σειρά του φωτογράφου José Alvarado Jr παρακολουθεί τους σπουδαστές στη σχολή πάλης The House of Glory, στη Νέα Υόρκη.


Σκληρά Πλάνα από Έναν Παιδικό Σταθμό που Είχε Μετατραπεί σε Fight Club

Η μητέρα ενός μαθητή μήνυσε το σχολείο αφού το τετράχρονο παιδί της «χτυπήθηκε από τους καλύτερους φίλους του» στην τάξη.


Who Would Win in a Fight: Jesus, Muhammad, Ganesh, or Buddha?

People spend a fortune to see average humans beat the living crap out of each other. Think about how entertaining it would be to watch gods duke it out to the death. If we put Christ, the Prophet, Ganesh, and Buddah in steel cage, who would walk out...


How to Punch Out a Paparazzo

Socking a pap isn’t that hard. You too can be immortalized for punching some guy trying to take a photo of you, just like Sean Penn, Kanye West, Quentin Tarantino, and Chris Martin, by following these five easy steps.



No Smoking.


Man Fight

Backstage, a grizzled older man is standing on a foldout table saying, "Listen up, here are the rules!" The young, sweatsuited fighters look up politely from their massages and hand-taping.


The Follies Of Documentary Filmmaking

Frederick Wiseman is probably the best documentary filmmaker there is. He's definitely the purest. But it's very likely you haven't heard of him yet, much less seen his films.


Girl Fights

I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish thrift shopping at Aardvark's in Venice Beach when I noticed a really attractive black girl sitting on the boardwalk with an ice pack on her head.