chloe sevigny

    • 5.3.13

      What I Learned About Style From Sonic Youth's "Bull In The Heather"

      We can all sit in a hugging circle and cry together about the Sonic Youth break up, but at least the subliminal teachings in their videos live on and on and on.

    • 12.1.05

      Bits And Bobs

      NAMETAGI collect the little place settings they put down at dinners and awards shows and stuff. I like this one because it was misspelled. It was at a Whitney Museum gala.

    • 12.1.02

      My America

      Let's stop beating around the bush, I'm famous. Not famous enough to be invited to those parties that Chloë Sevigny gets to go to, where she sits in a corner having her picture taken for obscure magazines. Not that famous, but just famous enough to...

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