• Has China's 'One-Child Policy' Bred a Generation of Dog Lovers?

    That was one theory I heard of at the Shanghai Dog Expo.

  • Would You Date Your Dog?

    Dogs are man's best friend. Isn't that what we're looking for in relationships?

  • I, for One, Welcome Our New Puppy Overlords

    Dear Vice Lovers: You make comments on our site all the live long day, and we just take it. Until WHAM, we retaliate with mean-spirited drawings of your stupid comments on our totally awesome stories.

  • Michelle

    Photographs of Michelle by Carmen Catuti.

  • The Hangover News

  • The Cute Show Page!

    This month's dose of adorability features Epicly Later'd creator Patrick O'Dell and his tongue-waggy old-man dog, Edgar. It also guest-stars Mimi, Patrick's ex-girlfriend's little minidog. Edgar and Mimi still like to hang out.