Fast Food


How I Almost Died Pretending to Be a Vegetarian in College

I didn't think of myself as a pretend vegetarian lying to my friends. I told myself that I was just a vegetarian who kept having meat accidents with my mouth.


McDonald's Is Giving Away an 18-Karat Gold McNugget So You'll Try Its New Sauces

All it takes is keeping an eye on Twitter and possibly racing around Japan to follow clues leading to the campaign mascot: a masked nugget thief called Kaito Nuggets.


There's More than Just Cow Meat in Your Burgers, Says Disgusting Study

Fresh or frozen, beef or vegetable—it's all contaminated.


What It Was Like to Grow Up Fat

I asked my family what it was like to raise an overweight kid during the childhood obesity epidemic, but it seems no one noticed.


This Fast Food Chain Just Became the First in the UK to Serve Alcohol

A crisp Sauvignon Blanc would pair pretty well with that side of deep-fried cheese balls.


A Taco Bell in Chicago Now Serves Booze

We went to the grand opening of Taco Bell Cantina in Chicago, America's first alcohol-serving Taco Bell.


A Comic About Kanye's Back in the Day Reveries

In Steven Weissman's latest comic, Kanye dreams about the time he first met Kim back in the day when she was just a giant rich butt monster and he was a lowly fast food clerk.


The Capital of Iran Has a Burger Joint Dedicated to an IRA Hunger Striker

It seems weird. But in Iran, they take martyrdom very seriously.


That Pickle Kid

School sucks for most kids, so imagine how much it sucks for a smelly, green pickle.


Francis and the Railway

Francis Bear is just like Winnie-the-Pooh, if Pooh Bear loved beer and regularly caused car crashes.


Do We Really Believe That a Man Demanded a McDonald's Job Application with a Gun?

Will we accept anything the police say at face value?