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Transcend Time With the Latest Apropos Live Video Featuring Smerz

Fall into a dreamy trance with the Norwegian duo.

From the moment we’re spit out into the world to the day we kick the bucket, time remains a constant—so when we encounter forces that speed up, slow down or completely extract us from this temporal stability, shit gets trippy and cool. Smerz constitutes such a force. The latest inductees into the Tuborg Apropos Live family of electronic juggernauts are a Copenhagen-based Norwegian duo consisting of Catharina and Henriette, both DJs and producers who bring to life a universe of house and soft techno that’s minimalistic yet tantalizing. In this set captured by DJ E.D.D.E.H., they commune with the digital gods of electronic music in front of a live audience like a 21st century coven wearing headphones. Their electronic séance kicks off with "Craig" - a smooth, trancey affair off Smerz’s upcoming debut EP punctured with organic, murmuring samples - and grows into quirky styling like Plastikman’s "Plasticity" before culminating in Traumprinz’s more somber, reflective soundscape.

So no matter if you're warming up for a night gallivanting on the town, or just sitting around staring out the window, let Smerz whisk you off on an ethereal quest away from it all.

Catch Smerz next week at Roskilde Festival.