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Hey Internet, Do These Boys Want Me or Not?

I showed the girls at my messages so they could decide.

Lots of girls (not all of them, just the ones like me, the ones with hair and smart-phones) are really fucking weird. We spend a scary amount of time deciphering texts from losers with potentially cute dicks and then fretting endlessly when they simply match the number of kisses we put at the end, because we can't analyse those figures for information. Why are boys so strange? It's almost like they aren't trying to use an unspoken language to send me secret messages that would be far easier to tell me to my face with real human words.


Any lovefule kno that texting is an emotional rollercoaster. So it's a blessing for all the teenage girls who aren't as good at texting as me and only send, on average, a paltry 220 texts a week that the gods of the internet have given them It's a website that helps you figure out if a boy's into you by analysing his text messages. You simply screenshot the convo in question, add a little background info (like how many of his mates you’ve already slept with), upload it and wait for lonely tweens the world over to put their wisdom to good use and decide whether "HE'S INTO YOU", "HE'S NOT INTO YOU" or if the "VERDICT IS STILL OUT".

Cool. Let's look at some examples.

See? How can this not be useful. Rather than having to ask your whiney best friend, 285 strangers are on-hand to help you understand why, when a guy pretends his phone's been cut off to avoid talking to you, it's probably time to start wandering the halls of your school winking at people until someone falls in love with you.

Me: "Sooo…. was that a wink in the hallway today??

Me: "Wassss itttttt…..


Him: "No, the sound of other people's saliva makes me tic, please stop following me."

Now this is the kind of text I find myself sending all the time, you guys! While his messages may be written in the terse, disinterested and non-descript style of a sociopath, at no point does he say "fuck off and leave me alone forever", so it's already going better than the last guy I was seeing, who was a sociopath who I managed to bully into feeling an emotion about me (clue: it wasn't love :()


While the girl who submitted this says she's considering moving 33 miles to be closer to her guy, 760 cynics have cast their votes and they all reckon "HE'S NOT INTO YOU".

I totally disagree. He's probably just freaking out and playing it way cool, so I left my two cents in the comments box below.


Hold your horses, I smell a troll (this advice is important: trolls hate horses). There's no way this can be real – first of all the top text is insane, and the following text after he's just "become a daddy" is equally unbelievable. Also, I've only ever heard British people call women "birds" and after a whole two minutes spent googling, I can't find a single nightclub in Britain called "Sugar Rays".

If that evidence wasn't compelling enough, needing to analyse that exchange by uploading it to a website? Umm, really? It seems pretty black and white to me.

I got nervous and worried at this point that was scamming me for every advertising buck they could get their lying hands on, so I decided to submit a couple of texts from my own inbox to see what happened.

Obviously there were 229 people on that day who don't know what a finger up the arse can do for a man's sense of loyalty. What do you mean he’s not into me?! He's just legit too busy, which is why I’ve seen him and his dick multiple times since these texts. IN YOUR FACE, INTERNET.

Whoever voted this guy as not being into me, fuck you, are you blind? Maybe you read this and (in your own, pathetic mind) declared chivalry to be dead, but my idea of romance is a pretty guy wanking over my face, and who are you to judge me? Maybe he's not the type of guy to buy you tulips, but I've never been into flowers anyway. They're good for nothing – pollen hurts vaginas, I already tried.


For my final text, I sent in a real head-scratcher, an indecipherable sign of potential interest, disgust, friendliness, or – oh, I don't know –

. This was the final test. But how would the internet respond?

So there you go, apparently a wink face means he's into me. Looks like I just solved a problem on behalf of the entire human race. Don't worry about thanking me or anything.


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