• Why Are the Indian Authorities Still Banning a Documentary About the Country's Rape Problem?

    This morning a court ruling prolonged the ban on India's Daughter, a BBC documentary about rape in India. But the longer it lasts, the more people will talk about it.

  • eSports

    Giant stadiums, teenage millionaires, super fans, and addiction: Welcome to the world of eSports.

  • eSports

    We get a crash course from a professional gaming commentator, take a trip to gaming rehab, and try on character costumes at the HQ of South Korea's best cosplay team.

  • Why Won't Japanese Workers Go on Holiday?

    A culture of overwork is worrying government officials, who are on the brink of forcing the country's workaholics to chill out before they die from overwork.

  • Why Are the Japanese Still Not Fucking?

    Half the people surveyed by the Japanese Family Planning Association said they hadn't gone to the bone zone in the past month. Some guys claimed that they didn't even masturbate anymore. What's going on?

  • Gamers Are Dying in Taiwan's Internet Cafes

    Hsieh would often disappear for days at a time inside an internet cafe in Kaohsiung, to binge on computer games. But on the 8th of January, after playing for three days straight, he collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest.