black market

  • Snake Island

    One bite will liquefy your insides.

  • Lebanon's Illegal Arms Bazaar

    Business is booming.

  • Holidays Are Better Than Reality

    You can't buy tigers or reenact the lyrics of Katy Perry songs in real life.

  • Bud Diamonds

    The first thing you notice about Sierra Leone is that everything swarms you: the heat, the beggars, the officials (who are basically beggars with titles), and the particulate filth that comes in a country where they dispose of their trash by burning it...

  • Playstation Pirates

    Russia is one of the world's largest pirate markets for electronic media. From music and DVDs to video games and software, Russia is ranked right up with world-leaders in piracy China and Indonesia. Fake shit is sold everywhere here!

  • Black-market Kidney

    It cost $7,000 to buy the actual kidney, $1,000 to fly round-trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where the operation could be done legally, and $1,200 to fly the Brazilian bricklayer whose kidney is now inside me to Cape Town from São Paulo.