Sådan er det at være bartender i en by, som er styret af mafiaen

Når der opstod slåskamp, plejede jeg altid at joke med mine kollegaer: "Ja! Der er wrestling på skærmen i aften."


En ny generation af teenage-mafiosoer terroriserer Napoli

Camorra-syndikatet i Napoli giver i stigende grad unge mænd betydningsfuldte poster i deres organisation.


How Some Criminals Evade the Cops for Decades

Most crooks eventually get caught, but some members of Italian organised crime syndicates remain on the lam for decades. How do they do it?


How the Mob Turned Southern Italy into a Toxic Wasteland

Campania Felix has become the "Land of Fires," as it is popularly known. When people travel here, they see continual columns of smoke and flames, signs of the garbage that is torched in the countryside.


Living with Fear

Famed crime writer Roberto Saviano spent 8 years under police protection because of his book, Gomorrah.


Carnival Day in Naples' Mafia-Run Slums

For one day each year, Scampia's children take centre stage.


Taking On The Italian Mafia

Over the last 30 years, the Camorra has grown into an all-pervasive, seemingly undefeatable network of vicious killers, loons, and businessmen.