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You're No Longer Allowed to Bet on Taylor Swift's Relationships in China

A sad day for the professional sport of gambling.
John Hill

The Chinese Army Is Using Hip-Hop Videos as a Recruitment Tactic for Some Reason

Who thought this was a good idea?
Noisey Staff

Meet Freddy Lim, Taiwan's Heavy Metal Politician

The frontman of long-running Taiwanese metal band Chthonic is running for Parliament with his newly-formed political party.

What Do Young Chinese People Think About the End of the One-Child Policy?

They're not as keen to start having loads of kids as you might think.
Kate Lee
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Whoops, Turns Out Hackers Stole 5.6 Million People's Fingerprints from the American Government

China vehemently denies that its hackers were behind the breach.
Drew Millard
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A Criminal Gang Has Been Turning Victims into 'Zombies' with the 'World's Most Dangerous Drug'

Colombian Devil's Breath – also known as scopolamine – puts people into a trance-like state, in which they can be coerced to hand over thousands of pounds worth of valuables to criminals.
Bo Franklin

Everything We Know So Far About the Massive Explosions in Tianjin

The blasts left at least 70 dead and 500 wounded, and Chinese officials are looking into whether this tragedy was a result of poor safety regulations or practices.
Mark Hay

How China Can Literally Move Mountains to Build Ghost Towns

We spoke to Wade Shepard, author of Ghost Cities of China, about why the country is possibly the only place in the world where you can get away with destroying the natural landscape to build huge new cities.
Hayden Vernon
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Good News, People of China: You Can Now Legally Own a Games Console

The country's lifted its nationwide ban on the sale of PlayStations and the like.
Mike Diver

The Obscure Chinese Businessman Accused of Selling Ballistic Missile Parts to Iran

Li Fang Wei has been attracting the attention of the US government for years and has a $5 million FBI bounty on him– but he won't stop selling equipment to Iran that could be used in missiles.
Nick Gillard and Daniel Salisbury
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The Chinese Government Finally Gave Ai Weiwei His Passport Back

The artist had been banned from traveling internationally since 2011.
River Donaghey

An Interview with the Persecuted Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei

Weiwei, who was detained by Chinese authorities for 81 days in 2011, is about to have his first show in China. We sat down for a chat in his Beijing studio.
Jamie Fullerton, Photos: Giulia Marchi