Meet the Man Tackling Corruption with His Revolutionary New Technology

Colombian Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán has helped to uncover links between government officials and narco-paramilitary commanders. We asked him about his career and how he would tackle corruption in the UK.
Nick Chester

These Indonesian School Uniforms Have "I Hate Drugs" Written on Them

Because if there's anything that will curb the nation's ballooning drug problem, it's embroidery.
Aria Danaparamita

Guatemala's Ongoing Corruption Crisis Has Turned the Country Inside-Out

The country's last president is in jail, a crowded election is headed for a runoff, and despite massive protests observers aren't sure whether lasting reforms will be put in place.
Mark Hay
Ink Spots

'The Outpost' Is Trying to Bring Liberal Change to the Middle East

The magazine was founded in the wake of the Arab Spring, and its one of many initiatives trying to keep the movement's ideals alive.
Alberto Mucci
A Small Minority of Idiots

Sepp Blatter: How Football's Biggest Piss-Taker Fell to Earth

A cautionary tale of bribery, stupidity and an obese, parrot-loving snitch.
Ben Machell

The Hangover News

This weekend, the creator of the online drugs marketplace Silk Road was sentenced to life in jail, and a guy from 'Dirty Sanchez' apologised after getting shitfaced on a plane and pissing on Dolph Lundgren.
Mac Hackett

The Man Who Says He Knows the Truth About America's Economic Stranglehold on the World

We talked to Matt Kennard, author of <i>The Racket</i>, a new book that investigates how the US government, its banks and its intelligence agencies enforce a very covert and modern type of imperialism.
Amelia Abraham
The Magic Hour Issue

A Country Flees Its History of Corruption

The Albanian economy is booming, but organised crime is a major export of this growing global power.
Roberto Saviano
VICE vs Video games

eMatch-Fixing: Why Poverty and Chaos is Driving Pro-Gamers to Risk Everything

When pro-players gain the fame but not the fortune, it's easy for their heads to be turned by rigging matches.
Gareth Platt

The Deadly Battle over Colombia’s Precious Metals

Mining operations are often intertwined – voluntarily or otherwise – with Colombia's criminal underworld. Many mines pay an extortion tax to whichever armed group is in charge of the region.
Nadja Drost

How the Black Guerrilla Family Turned Maryland's Prison System into Their Personal Playground

The gang was so powerful in a Baltimore city jail that its leader was having the guards deliver crab imperial and Grey Goose right to his cell, according to court documents.
Seth Ferranti

The Law Firm That Works with Oligarchs, Money Launderers, and Dictators

If shell companies can be said to be getaway cars for bank robbers, then Mossack Fonseca may be the world's shadiest car dealership.
Ken Silverstein