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Kaytranada bliver bare ved med at blive bedre

I det her afsnit af 'Noisey Next' møder vi den 25-årige producer til en snak om hans rejse fra Soundcloud til stjernestatus.
Noisey Staff

​Derfor bliver ‘The Get Down’ din nye foretrukne Netflix-serie

Med Grandmaster Flash på soundtracket og Jaden Smith i hovedrollen transporterer Netflix's nyeste og hidtil dyreste serie dig tilbage til 70'ernes Bronx - og så er den produceret af Nas.
Tom Ivin
The Noisey Guide to

The Noisey Guide To ABBA

Know this: ABBA are not disco schmaltz. For starters, their songs are full of perfectly pitched pathos and they've never once sold out. No wonder Bob Dylan loves them…
Cam Lindsay

The Last Days of Disco Captured by Photographer Bill Bernstein

A new photo book charts the rise and fall of disco as a crucial moment in history, and the impact the movement had on New York clubland.
Amelia Abraham

Destiny Is the Empowering Disco Queen We Need

Upon the release of her new music video, "Soul Train," VICE talked to the artist formerly known as Princess Nokia about her upcoming mixtape, urban feminism, cultural activism and intellectual spirit.
Barbara Calderón-Douglass

"Always" by Favored Nations Is a Funked Up Feel Fine Smash

Following the success of their 'Grand Theft Auto IV' soundtrack tune "The Set Up," the globe-trotting trio finally announced their debut LP.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Ruban Nielson Doesn't Want to Be Lonely Again

The band's new record 'Multi-Love' was born out of polygamy, drugs, and a desire to put the guitar down.
Larry Fitzmaurice
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VICE Exclusive: Cure Your Disco Fever with Boulevards' 'Forgot to Mention'

The song sounds like it's made to be listened to while wearing leather pants and sweating joyously.
Charlie Ambler

​Disco Apocalypse: Charles Atlas Films the End Times

"The world should end and then there should be a disco song," says video artist Charles Atlas.
Emily Colucci
Holy Shit

Have You Guys Heard Carly Rae Jepsen's New Song Because, Uh, Welcome to Bangerville

Listen to "I Really Like You" and forget all about "Call Me Maybe."
Kyle Kramer
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Watch Actually Huizenga Dance on the Beach with Mice in 'Predator Romantic'

When singer Actually Huizenga sent us her latest mu​sic video, we knew it would include something weird, but nothing prepared us for this mix of aerobics, water, and mice.
VICE Staff
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How to Take Control of the Stereo at a House Party Without Being a Dickhead

Everyone who wants to party needs to read this guide.
Ryan Bassil