• A Guide to Periods For Men

    A woman's period is so natural, your mum couldn't have made you without it. Did I just make you think of your mum's period? Great. We're getting somewhere.

  • The Critics Are Wrong About 'The Human Centipede' Film Trilogy

    This week sees the release of the final part in the trilogy. Here's why I'll be going to see it.

  • Photos of the Bathrooms and Kitchens of America's Bachelors

    My attempt to document the secret and fleeting period in a man's life between his mother cleaning his room and his wife decorating his apartment.

  • Gross Jar

    A little over a year ago, we ran an article in which we pitted a friend of ours against some cockroaches (it ended with several of their heads in his mouth-remember?).

  • Gross Jar

    Spring has come, and our former rat deficiency has blossomed like a patch of verminous rhododendron into an overwhelming abundance.

  • Gross Jar

    If there were ever any concerns about God's feelings toward the Gross Jar and its mix-n-match approach to his wonderverse, they were allayed this morning when he delivered unto the office toilet a ringing endorsement in the form of a floating black rat.