How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of Gluten?

You'll be fine if you don't have celiac disease, but did you know some people have "silent" celiac disease, and it can chip away at their health for years?
Mike Pearl

What It Was Like Living Inside a Week of Fear and Tension in Paris

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks that shocked the world, the city is recovering—but slowly, in a fog of suspicion and worry.
Thomas Chatterton Williams

The Man Who Builds Luxury Bomb Shelters for Paranoid Billionaires

Robert Vicino believes the rich don't live on the same scale as ordinary people in today's society—so why should that change after the end of the world? For a mere £23,000, his company will make their apocalypse experiences truly swanky.
Lynn Parramore
The Blobby Boys & Friends

The Final Blobby Boys Comic

This last strip, by TV on the Radio singer Tunde Adebimpe, ends the series with a major revelation about the Blobbies.
Tunde Adebimpe

An Interview with One of the First Australian Doctors to Fight Back Against AIDS

To get a sense of the fear around HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, we spoke to Professor Suzanne Crowe, who co-established Australia's first specialist clinic.
Elfy Scott

'Exploding Head Syndrome' Is Keeping Me Awake at Night and I Don't Know Why

According to the specialist I spoke to, being awoken by loud noises in the night is common among students and psychiatric patients Weirdly, the loud noises only seem to exist in my brain.
Michael Segalov

Shark Diving Teaches People Sharks Are Just Big, Beautiful Fish

Despite what some researchers call the "<i>Jaws</i> effect", sharks aren't actually as dangerous as people think. Shark diving lets people see it for themselves.
Joost Knaap

My Confusing Journey Through the Complex Process of Getting a Restraining Order Against My Stalker

Last year, a stranger locked me in my apartment and told me I was going to die.
Carrie Poppy

On Safety, Fear and Walking Home Alone at Night as a Woman

I could be attacked when I walk around by myself in the dark. I could be attacked at home, too. So what does it mean to "be safe"?
Megan Koester

This Is What It Feels Like to Have Cancer at 20 Years Old

I wasn't "brave", I was fucking terrified.
Robin Cannone

​Why Did a Ghost Hunter Stab Himself Inside a Famous Ax-Murder House?

An Iowa tourist attraction got extra weird earlier this month when a paranormal investigation turned mysteriously violent.
Josiah M. Hesse
Bad Cop Blotter

​Why Are US Cops Terrifying Children with 'Active Shooter' Drills?

Cops reportedly brandished handguns and even an AR-15 rifle during the exercise, which may have done more harm than good by traumatising a bunch of kids.
Lucy Steigerwald