Fan Fiction

What Happened When Adele Spent £2 Million on a Hen Party Mash-Up In Ibiza?

We've interviewed absolutely everyone who saw her that weekend, to piece together a candid portrait of the biggest hen party since records began.
Emma Garland

How to Write a Young Adult Novel About a Gay Kid Without It Being a 'Gay Book'

Justin Sayre's "Husky" approaches adolescent queerness as not just a form of attraction, but as an aesthetic.
Hugh Ryan

I Got a Lesson in Gender Equality at a Romance Writers' Conference

I'd promised my editor a funny piece about the people who write and read romantic fiction, but what I found wasn't a joke.
Maddison Connaughton

New Zealand Just Banned a Book for the First Time in 22 Years

'Into the River' has been banned because of its depiction of drug use and underage sex. But author Ted Dawe feels it's a worrying example of the power of the country's conservative agenda.
Wendy Syfret

Fan Fiction Is the Sexual Education I Gave Myself

When I was 13, pretty much everything I knew about sex was from fan fiction. And from what I could tell, it was awesome.
Wendy Syfret
the vice reader

Alexandra Kleeman's Debut Novel 'You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine' Charts New Dystopian Territory

We met the novelist to talk about Philip K. Dick, roommate dynamics, and gender in paranoid, postmodern-y works.
Dan Duray
the vice reader

Read a Story from Lucia Berlin's 'A Manual for Cleaning Women'

A story from the new collection by the great but not widely appreciated writer.
Lucia Berlin
the vice reader

Read This Story by Clarice Lispector: 'Report on the Thing'

A new translation of the legendary Brazilian writer's meditation on the nature of time, the universe, Sweden, Pelé, and one electronic alarm clock that is so many things.
Clarice Lispector
The Fiction Issue 2008

The Love Trip

When I was 19, I got a letter from Klaus Wouters. He worked as a handyman and music teacher at Silver Springs, a school for troubled kids in the San Gabriel Mountains. He knew (or guessed) I was still in Southern California.
Brian Booker
The Fiction Issue 2008

'Soft Tagets,' by Christopher Bollen

Stefan didn't pay his half of the rent on time. It was like a game we played, or that he played and I was forced to go along with on the defensive.
Christopher Bollen

We Ate a Shit-Ton of Hummus with Israeli Short-Story Writer Etgar Keret

Israel's greatest vegetarian short-story writer was in New York City—and he was hungry.
Catherine Lacey

The New 50 Shades of Grey Book Tells Us Very Little About Male Sexual Fantasies

Narrated from the male perspective, 'Grey' is as much about pleasing female readers as the original '50 Shades.'
Leah Prinzivalli