Guitar Moves

Guitar Moves with Ace Frehley of KISS

Matt Sweeney sits down with the guitarist (and childhood idol) at the legendary Electric Lady Studios.
Noisey Staff

Not Everything Paul Stanley of KISS Did in Vegas Stayed in Vegas

He definitely did some dirt there back in ’74.
J Bennett
The Greatest Things Of All Time

We Reimagined the Logos of Your Favorite Bands

More than ever, success in the music biz requires a savvy sense of branding, so we tweaked some band logos to be more suited for the era at hand.
Kyle Kramer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

If You Love Rap Music You’ll REALLY Love Watching Gene Simmons Fall on His Ass

Remember when he beckoned the death of rap? Remember when he slammed N.W.A.'s induction into the Hall of Fame? Remember when he fell on his ass performing "Rock N Roll All Night"?
Daisy Jones
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

Childhood, Fame, and Depression: The Story of Lil' Chris

His story seemed all too tragically familiar. A child who found huge fame at an unfathomably early age, and seemed to spend the rest of their teens and twenties trying to cope with the aftermath.
Jack Urwin

We Forced Gene Simmons to Listen to Skepta, Death Grips, Radiohead, and More

"Thom Yorke, in particular, gets very upset when I talk about them."
Angus Harrison

Grillet mælkeskind smager bedre serveret med Kiss og Dolly Parton

Restauranter krydrer deres menuer med musikalske kuriositeter i højtaleren, så vi spurgte en musikkender om forholdet mellem hovedret og headbanging.
Michael Lauritsen Dahl
the worst things of all time

Gene Simmons: Rock Is Dead, Rap Is Dying, Pop Is Karaoke, EDM Is All Light Shows

"I am looking forward to the death of rap."
Craig Jenkins

Bowie Influenced Heavy Metal's Style and Aesthetic Without Even Trying

Bowie was the patron saint of outsiders.
Internet Exploring

Can You Spot the Fifth Member on the Cover of This Classic KISS LP?

An investigation into this self-titled LP from 1974 currently up for sale.
Noisey Staff

My Dad, Gene Simmons, Is Full of Shit and So Are You

It's important to kill your heroes. And, sometimes, you have to kill your father. Kill him so you can love him, and his flaws, better than one can love a hollow archetype.
Nick SImmons

The God of Hellfire Speaks: 73 Years Inside the Crazy World of Arthur Brown

"As a new kind of imagery, we met a lot of resistance and violence. When I appeared with flames pouring five feet above my head, wielding a Viking axe, they changed their mind!"