Slap nu af, Eminems Trump-rap gør ham ikke til politisk Messias

Den massive hyldest af Detroit-rapperens freestyle til BET Hip Hop Awards er faktisk både irriterende og farlig.​


Sober, Safe, and Focused: Meet the Teenagers of Reading 2016

“I’m not drinking and I don’t do any drugs. I don’t like the idea of never being able to have fun without the help of a substance when I’m older.”


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Fuck You David Cameron, But Also Thank You for This One Remix Meme

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Massive Attack Plays "Eurochild" Live For First Time in Eighteen Years as a Statement on Brexit

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Watch This Shitty Canadian Politician in a Shitty Political Rap Video That's Shitty

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Phil Bryant, That Bigoted Anti-LGBT Mississippi Governor, Has Inspired a Band Called Fuck Phil Bryant

"If somebody tries to sue me, I'll just make another one about the First Amendment."


Defund Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Ego with These Punk Songs About How Much He Sucks

Proceeds from the 'UNINTIMIDATED: Musicians Against Scott Walker' compilation will benefit Planned Parenthood and Wisconsin soup kitchens.


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18 Scotts Who Go Harder Than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

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