18 Scotts Who Go Harder Than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Union-busting, woman-hating, Muslim-bashing, KKK-sympathizing former presidential candidate Scott Walker is definitely the worst Scott Walker.


The Scottish Far-Right Held a Depressing Anti-Refugee Protest in a Tiny Village

They were outnumbered by people telling them to go away.


Remembering Scotland's Forgotten Post-Punk Bands

Grant McPhee is the man behind The Sound of Young Scotland – a film exploring Scotland's music scene in the 1970s.


Ten Percent of Us Think We Are Going to Hell, According to A Real Downer of a YouGov Survey

One in seven men think they are going to hell compared to just six percent of women.


Scottish People Are Getting Too Fat to Be Cremated

The National Association of Funeral Directors has warned that their coffins are just too big for the furnace doors.


Undercover Journalists Have Alerted Scottish Police to a 'Glasgow Terror Plot'

Islamic State recruiters reportedly told them a girl in the city is planning to strike.


In Conversation with Limmy

Talking depression, politics, Louise Mensch and the sound of the summer with the Scottish comedian/bedroom producer/twisted Vine genius.


This Is a Hudson Mohawke Story

On the cusp of his release of 'Lantern,' we spent a night in New York with Kanye West's secret weapon. This is what happened.


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The Scotland trio is back after their award-winning debut 'Dead.'


Cry-Baby of the Week: A Guy Allegedly Shot Someone Because They Wouldn't Roll Him a Cigarette

Also this week: Some women attacked a man because he asked them to be quiet during a screening of 50 Shades of Grey.


Scotand's Thirsty Football Fans Still Can't Drink at Matches

I went for pre-match pints with Hibs supporters who, unlike their English counterparts, can't buy alcohol in their stadium.


North Scotland's Surfers Are Harder Than You

In the remote town of Thurso, surfers will endure short daylight hours and risk floating chunks of ice for the best cold water waves in Europe.