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A Houston Woman Just Became the First Person Convicted Under an Anti-Animal Crush Porn Law

A 24-year-old pleaded guilty of charges relating to videos where she wore a mask and horrifically abused dogs and cats.


The Westboro Baptist Church Is Trying to Meme Its Way Out of Gay Marriage

Haters gonna hate and Westboro Baptist Churches gonna Westboro Baptist Church, I suppose.


What You Need To Know About the US Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Case That Starts Today

The case is about states rights and the Fourteenth Amendment – specifically, whether the definition of "marriage" should be decided by each state or the federal government.


Why Gay Mormon Men Married to Women Are Fighting Gay Marriage

A group of Mormon men filed a brief with the Supreme Court that federally recognised same-sex unions would make their own marriages, to women, "meaningless".


Why Are the Indian Authorities Still Banning a Documentary About the Country's Rape Problem?

This morning a court ruling prolonged the ban on India's Daughter, a BBC documentary about rape in India. But the longer it lasts, the more people will talk about it.


The Supreme Court Will Finally Make a Decision on Gay Marriage

After ducking the issue last fall, the court announced Friday that it definitively answer whether the Constitution allows gays to get married.


US Conservatives Are Already Planning New Ways to Take Down Gay Marriage

The religious right's fight against same-sex unions isn't going according to plan.


When Trolling Gets Teens Thrown in Jail

Should teens be arrested for the stupid things they say on social media?


Should Murderers Be Allowed State-Funded Sex Changes?

Michelle Kosilek, an American prisoner who wants one, certainly seems to think so.


After Gay Marriage, Why Not Polygamy?

Is polygamy the next civil rights battle?


The American Government Are Listening to Your Phone Calls

But Amnesty International are trying to stop them.