The Push To Bring Menstrual Cups To Nauru

Asylum seekers are often forced to line up for hours to access pads and tampons. Many bleed through their clothes and are forced to make due with tent cloths.


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A woman's period is so natural, your mum couldn't have made you without it. Did I just make you think of your mum's period? Great. We're getting somewhere.


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The group is made up of volunteers who hand out high-calorie meal packs, clothes and sanitary products to Melbourne's homeless.


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For Homeless Women, Having a Period Isn't a Hassle – It's a Nightmare

As long as sanitary ware is classified as a "non-essential" and "luxury" item, and isn't given out for free like condoms, homeless women may be forced to shoplift for tampons and towels, or resort to using tissue from McDonald's toilets.


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