The Comics Issue

  • Drunk for 24 Hours

    "To our friends' crazy sex stories!"

  • Vice Comics


  • Vice Comics

    Herbert Hound in "That Dawg"

  • Vice Comics

    Jessica and the Jawbreakers in "You Can Be My Baby Little Bunny"

  • Comic Book Hero

    Peter Bagge is one of the best comic storytellers ever. He’s the creator of Neat Stuff and Hate, and he edited R. Crumb's Weirdo for a few years. Hate was one of the most important comics ever produced.

  • Johnny Drunkroc in 'Gettin' Sober'

    M'name is Johnnay.

  • Vice Comics

    Melanie's been slipping me drinks all night even though I'm underage.

  • Vice Comics

    Dear Chairman, It's None of Your Business

  • Vice Comics

    Sounds of Monsterism Island 6

  • Vice Fashion - Completists

    Photos by Tomas Leth, Styling by Alan Innes

  • Garbage Pail Dads

    You may not know this, but there's a debate raging in the novelty-gross-out-cards industry--a debate of such heady implications that were it to rumble its way up into mainstream awareness, it could rattle loose the foundations of how we think about art...

  • The Perils of Heracles

    During Heracles' last adventure, it seems as though he got himself cloned.