Vladimir Putin


Syng med på had- og kærlighedssangene om Vladimir Putin

Vi har samlet de bedste sange om Putins prægtige beslutsomhed, stabile personlighed og moderate alkoholforbrug.


Derfor har du ikke råd til at være ligeglad med Panama-lækket

Panama-lækket er nok sværere at forstå end nogen anden historie, du vil støde på i løbet af det næste årti. Her er grunden til, at du bør følge med alligevel.


Se premieren på Pussy Riots nye video 'CHAIKA'

Det russiske punkbands nye sang handler om den russiske statsanklager Yuri Chaika og hans angiveligt korrupte ministerium.


Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova on the Fight for Abortion Rights in Russia

The country's social conservatives say abortion must be abolished to increase the birth rate, but really they want to take control of women's basic biological functions.


This Journalist Spoke to Chechens Living in the Shadow of War

We spoke to French-English journalist Manon Loizeau, who recently went back to Chechnya years after the end of its devastating war to make a new documentary.


The Pussy Riot Column: I Was Arrested by Russian Cops for Sewing in the Street

Activist Nadya Tolokonnikova on prison, being forced to make police uniforms and the absurdity of Russia's laws.


Putin Built a New Amusement Park Where Kids Can Play with Grenade Launchers and Tanks

Along with the sweet tanks to climb in and grenade launchers to touch and guns to shoot, visitors will be able to buy all the Putin memorabilia the mind can dream up.


​Love on the Battlefield of Eastern Ukraine

Ruslan and Oxana met first as soldiers in the same unit, when both joined the Donetsk People's Republic military at the beginning of the region's violent secession from Ukraine.


We Asked Some Young Russians What They Think of All The Stuff That’s Getting Banned in Their Country

Porn, dancing, the list goes on – we asked five young people living in Russia what they'll do now they're not allowed to twerk anymore.


​Trans People Can’t Drive in Russia Anymore

More draconian restrictions have been placed on LGBT individuals in a country that has all but criminalised being gay.


Why Is Russia Trading Warplanes for Beef?

You don't often see major powers bartering food staples for weapons systems, but the recent move by Vladimir Putin is actually a savvy bit of strategic thinking.


What We Learned About Geopolitics in 2014

Whenever the world goes to hell in a family-size hand basket, people act surprised that they keep getting surprised.