• You Don't Know Jack

    If you weren’t on the tweets during the vice presidential debate last night, here are some highlights from my night of giffing the event.

  • Chavez Has Six More Years in Power

    This past Sunday, amid a political climate so polarized that it makes Romney and Obama look like sexed up newlyweds, Venezuela celebrated their presidential elections. Hugo Chavez beat opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, giving him another six...

  • Road Trip Chaos: What Does Boston Think of Mitt Romney?

    I trolled around the Boston with Newsweek/The Daily Beast correspondent Eli Lake and we met a drag queen who wouldn't "suck Mitt Romney's dick for all the money in the world."

  • The Recent Unpleasantness - Olympic Mascots: An Oral History

    Hear past Olympic mascots like Amik the Beaver and Powder the Hare reveal every sordid detail of their troubled lives. In their own words, these washed up icons touch on everything from giving handies to make ends meet to smoking 35 pounds of bath...

  • Gross Jar 2012 - Part One: It's Alive!

    It's back and it's already awful.

  • Life As a Gypsy's No Walk in the Park

    Except for when they do just that to protest fascist assholes.