• My Life as a Convicted Gun Offender Who Did Nothing Wrong

    I served four months in prison because police found legally owned unloaded guns in my car, and only went free thanks to an executive order from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I'm still barred from seeing my son or living a normal life.

  • Turkey Really Doesn't Want Gay People to Have Sex

    Last month Turkey's government banned Grindr, which is just the latest manifestation of the country's widespread homophobic censorship. But gay activist groups are fighting back.

  • Femen: 'We're Not Run by Men'

    Femen's topless activists have had a rough few months. Since our film about them was released earlier this year, three activists have been jailed in Tunisia, their...

  • Meet the Gay Russian Teenager Using Twitter to Combat Homophobia

    Apart from activists protesting in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, most gay Russians have attempted to mask their identity, making it difficult for Westerners to know what it’s really like to be gay in Russia. But one gay Russian teenager is changing this...

  • We Spoke to Wilsonman About the Night NYPD Officers Attacked Him

    Recently, I caught up with my friend Wilsonman. A member of the rap group the Stone Rollers Stone Gang, he’s spending his golden years laying down smooth rhymes and frequenting the New York City party scene. Unfortunately, NYPD officers recently beat...

  • Tom Bianchi Photographed His Gay Paradise Before It Disappeared Forever

    Close your eyes and imagine you're at the party of your dreams. You dance and you love and you spin and you love some more, and then all of your friends die. I know it's harsh, but it's also sort of what happened to Tom Bianchi in the 1980s, with the...