Andy Warhol

  • Η Πρώιμη Τέχνη σε Υπολογιστή του Andy Warhol

    Πρέπει να το αναγνωρίσετε στον Andy Warhol, o άνθρωπος είχε τάιμινγκ, ακόμα και μετά θάνατο.

  • Komplaint Dept. - Giving Up the Ghost: Andy Warhol Visits the Warhol Show at the Met

    'Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years,' an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, recently opened to some very negative reviews. The show is such a colossal disaster that another critical thrashing seems entirely pointless. The only...

  • The Warhol Delusion

    Anyone who has read the 'Warhol Diaries' knows that Andy Warhol was an emotionally damaged, sociopathic sissy who, by his own admission, “stopped caring” after several of his cats died in the 60s, and subsequently showed virtually no emotion or empathy...

  • Jean-Paul Goude Is Still Ahead of His Time

    After revolutionizing the pages of "Esquire," molding the image of Grace Jones, and making the greatest car advert ever, the French designer and illustrator still has a lot to say about art.

  • Karl Lagerfeld

    When Vice called me last month with an out-of-the-blue offer to fly to Paris and interview the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfeld - creative director of the $10 billion Chanel empire, the house of Fendi, and his own eponymous line - I jumped at the chance.