• Oh, What a Dirty War

    During the Dirty War in Argentina, members of the Catholic hierarchy were fully awake to what was going on around them. A few behaved decently and stuck their necks out for the victims; some were tortured and themselves killed. But most of the clergy...

  • World Peace Update

    How exactly is the planet preparing for the rapture? Some people are buying tons of non-perishable food and hiding in underground bunkers. Others, however, are far too busy rioting at wheelchair basketball matches, brawling with their fellow members of...

  • Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Argentina is home to two amusement parks and one zoo where having fun means completely ignoring the voice in your head that says, “This is not normal.” I know this because I recently visited all three and returned home physically and...

  • Shot By Kern

    Richard Kern photographed Argentine-born Ana Lucia at her home in Mexico City. She told us that in middle school her nickname was "The Sweet Little Ass From Seventh Grade."If you go to VBS.TV/shotbykern right now, you can watch her get naked and

  • Argentinian Asses

    Rodolfo is a photographer who lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Fantastical Portraiture

    Over the last four years, we, the photographers of Grupo Mirada Photo of Córdoba, Argentina, have given a photo workshop in the province's highest-security women's prison.