• A New App Lets You Bribe People for Dates

    Carrot Dating is a new app that lets users bribe each other with gifts and treats in the hopes of securing a first date. Creator Brandon Wade considers it a breakthrough for men who have trouble with the ladies, and users consider it the perfect way to...

  • Central Asia Rally Was the Worst Journey of My Life

    I'm standing on the side of a busy road in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, about 50 miles from the Georgia-Russia border, because our route on the inaugural Central Asia Rally (a 5,000-mile car rally from Budapest to Tajikistan) had to take a massive...

  • What Gifts Did Obama Give His America-Hating Voters?

    "I love my president, but I have to be honest, if Romney had come with a delicious thigh that was fried in golden succulent batter, I'd be a Republican. What can I say? I love the bird."