• Being Trans in Jamaica Sounds Even Worse Than Being Gay in Jamaica

    Last week, in Jamaica, 16-year-old Dwayne Jones was shot and stabbed multiple times for turning up to a party in women's clothing. Dwayne's murder highlighted the awful reality of life for Jamaica's LGBT community. I spoke to Tiana Miller, a...

  • Diplo Has a New Photo Zine

    He's teamed up with photographer Shane McCauley to photograph different countries and their music scenes. The first issue, about Jamaican Dancehall, is being released on Wednesday.

  • Gully-sidal Tendencies

    Mavado is the best thing to have happened to dancehall in years. He has the premier new catchphrases ("Anywaaaaayeeeeeee" and "Gangster for liiiife"), if you look into his eyes you'd swear it was the devil looking back at you.