• I Went to Porn School and It Was a Disaster

    Some of the people who show up to Porn Weekender are aspiring porn-industry professionals; others are simply people for whom the experience of sitting at home watching porn is too lonely, remote, or unfulfilling.

  • Afghanistan's Carpet Loomers Are Feeding Their Kids Hashish

    Poverty drives both the carpet and drug business. Husbands tend to be farmers, working long hours in the fields. The only income opportunity for women, who are not able to work anywhere but their homes, is carpet making. But who takes care of the...

  • The British Woman Who's Imprisoned with Her Baby in Pakistan

    Khadija Shah was arrested for carrying $4.75 million worth of heroin through Islamabad airport. Her youngest daughter was born while Khadija was incarcerated, and hasn’t spent a day outside of the prison’s walls, and there's no immediate timeframe set...

  • Guns in the Sun

    There are 270 million legal guns in the US. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of firearms laws, you might say that the situation presents a wicked problem—something that can’t be objectively solved or even described.

  • Balls and Chains

    When you believe you're rooting for the “right team,” whether that's due to you being born in a certain sports franchise's media market or because your parents believe in a specific invisible higher power, you're allowed to trade away facts for...

  • All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go at New York Fashion Week Pt. 1

    With all its snotty parties, self-aggrandizing people, and the commerciality that seems to be symptomatic of New York Fashion Week, it's easy to forget that fashion is actually a good thing.