Eddy Moretti

  • The End of America as We Knew It

    We’re finally done. No more debates, no more speeches, no more ads, no more polls. Now you—you Americans—will vote (or not) and this long, national nightmare will finally be over.

  • Obama Is So, So Fucked

    Welcome to a non-race-reactionary/pre-debate musing. I’m going to try and look forward today, not backward at the week that has just transpired. I’m writing my column this week from Greece, however, so excuse me for being a little pessimistic. This...

  • Mitt Romney, Little Black Hole

    The Romney campaign is stalling, nothing’s landing, and they need to connect soon. So last week Romney threw a foreign-policy punch. And in the short term he’s being hammered for it. But will it pay off? What else can he do? He is falling into his own...

  • I Was Wrong: Mitt Romney Is Not a Sociopath After All

    Last week, in the inaugural installment of my new column, I concluded that Mitt Romney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and probably worse; that he is a sociopath out for the Oval Office at whatever cost. I was wrong.

  • Mitt Romney: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing or Pragmatic Technocrat in a Tea Party Hat?

    This is the most important election of our generation. Yes, that’s what we say every four years, but if you listen to the dangerous gibberish that gets spouted by the Tea Party and all of their mouthpieces, you’ll understand that the ideological stakes...

  • Val Kilmer Told Us He Saw an Alien

    I talked with Val Kilmer, Harmony Korine, and Eddy Moretti about their short contribution to VICE's new film "The Fourth Dimension" and what, if anything, it all means.