margaret thatcher

  • Is It Wrong to Celebrate Thatcher's Death?

    There’s a lot for those at the bottom rung of society to be angry about, but if not for this Margeret Thatcher, there almost certainly would have been another one. Neoliberalism was a rising force across the world. In America, there was Reagan; in...

  • The Boy Wonder of the British Far Right Is Sad That Thatcher Died

    The response to Margaret Thatcher's death has been mixed—some loved her and others loathed her. One opinion of Thatcher that is backed by a lifetime of worship is Jack Buckby's, founder of the National Culturists. The National Culturists are a far...

  • Thatcher's War on Acid House

    There was a time when plugging in a record player in an abandoned building brought a police response more appropriate to the assembly of a nuclear device. Whatever rattled the establishment about rave culture, in their own warped way they had a point...

  • Making Friends at Thatcher's London Death Party

    A bunch of people in London decided to have a street party to celebrate the death of the Iron Lady. We swung by to see why people were so stoked that an old lady had died.

  • Hey UK, Are You Glad That Margaret Thatcher Is Dead?

    Britain's first female prime minister passed away this morning after a stroke, leaving a relatively mixed legacy behind. I wanted to see whether a mention of the Iron Lady still manages to provoke as visceral a response in death as it did when she was...

  • The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher died today at the age of 87 after suffering from dementia for some time. To commemorate her memory we've unearthed a Thatcher-portrait series we published a few years ago. It's fair to say she looked the most dignified when she was...

  • Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet?

    Probably not, but this is what will happen when she is.

  • Wow, It's a War

    The French have unveiled a butch of side by side to the rescue of Libya’s rebels. But some cynics have suggested that Nicolas Sarkozy’s keenness to batter his former buddy has less to do with his love of world peace than with his love of winning...

  • Sew Solidarity Crew

    Ed Hall is a 64-year-old retired architect. He's also a one-man factory of positive propaganda.