Mercy Rule

  • The Joyless Joy of Bad Baseball

    Watch a lousy team on a losing streak, though, and you'll eventually see what baseball skeptics see whenever they watch: a game that’s aimless and dull and stilted and long, and which isn't even quick about it. But for months we settle in, drink down...

  • Hearing the Spurs

    As I age, my ear is retuning itself; I can finally hear something other than “ugh” watching the San Antonio Spurs play, which is cool, except how it parallels suddenly finding a 'Rod Stewart Sings the Standards' record soulful and great.

  • Meet the Satire Called the Mets

    Mets fans are not notably smarter or dumber, more or less entitled, or even sadder than the fans of any other flailing team. But thanks to their owners, the Wilpon family, the team's narrative is less a standard Shitty Owner Ruins Team story and more...

  • Neon Waters Run Deep

    adidas's new college basketball uniforms are just a dumb thing to look at and crack some jokes about. But the only compensation the athletes wearing them get is the enjoyment of the enhanced comfort provided by the breakthrough wicking polymers.

  • Welcome to Baseball

    Still not sure if you’re a fan or a non-fan? Here are some questions you may have about baseball, and some answers that will help you figure out whether America's favorite pastime is for you.