Performance Art

  • Meet the Guys Who Want to Turn Tony Danza into a Dadaist Meme

    I wanted to talk to them about their Kickstarter project and we wound up discussing washed-up celebrities, how the art world is bullshit, and their plans to force themselves into a parade with a Danza-inspired float.

  • Kaufman on Kaufman: An Interview with Andy's Brother

    A new exhibition focused on Andy Kaufman titled 'On Creating Reality' opens Saturday at Maccarone gallery. The show will feature a boatload of Andy's personal effects, as well as a rotating cast of his close friends and family members, at least one of...

  • Shooting the Shit with Marina Abramovic

    I was somehow—and surprisingly—invited to her VIP private dinner party at a classy Viennese restaurant after her latest opening Thursday night, “With Eyes Closed I See Happiness, 2012” at Galerie Krinzinger in Vienna. Correction: I crashed the dinner...

  • The WorldStarHipHop Butter Dance Woman: Is it Art?

    And if it is, what does it mean?