• Meet the 'Legendary President' of Kosovo's New Satirical Political Party

    Visar Arifaj and his team have made campaign promises to legalize corruption, outlaw serious diseases, build universities in every neighborhood, and rename an old clock tower in Pristina after Rita Ora, Kosovo's most famous export.

  • Top Jihadist Ayman al-Zawahiri Opens Up About His Anxieties

    Ayman al-Zawahiri doesn’t look like the number-one villain in the world, but since Osama bin Laden’s retirement as head of al Qaeda and then assassination, al-Zawahiri became the organization’s leader and public face. We spoke with him about the...

  • How the Shutdown Confused al Qaeda

    An intercepted conversation between two al Qaeda operatives confirmed what some have suspected for a long time: American politics is a joke. Even an organization known for suicide operations is baffled by the self-destructive tendencies of the US...

  • Interviewing the Editor of the Middle East's Version of the 'Onion'

    The Pan-Arabia Enquirer is a satire website much like the Onion, but based in the Middle East, a region that isn't traditionally known for being very good at laughing at itself. I got in touch with its editor to find out what it's like running a...

  • Meet the Satire Called the Mets

    Mets fans are not notably smarter or dumber, more or less entitled, or even sadder than the fans of any other flailing team. But thanks to their owners, the Wilpon family, the team's narrative is less a standard Shitty Owner Ruins Team story and more...

  • 'The Boondocks' Creator Aaron McGruder Tells Us About 'The Uncle Ruckus Movie'

    I chatted with the creator of 'The Boondocks' about a live-action film starring Uncle Ruckus and a bunch of other things like black self-hatred, post-Obama race relations, and why Herman Cain is the real-life Uncle Ruckus.

  • Syria: Bombs Away

    President Bashar al-Assad and the remaining Syrian leaders want to invite your investment, commerce, and tourism as we say BOMBS AWAY to speculation and development in Syria—"A country exploding with opportunity... and bombs!!"

  • Movie Madness

    An amateurish film produced by a 52-year old Israeli-American overtly ridicules Mohammad, depicts him as a woman-hating, overzealous pedophile, a fraud, a womanizer and a madman, and shows him having sex and calling for massacres.

  • The Tottenham Court Road Siege: Six Lame Twitter Jokes

    Things might be bad for Michael Green right now, but once he sees these gags, his sides will be splitting.

  • Candy-Coated

    CM3 (as he likes to be called, which is kind of dumb) is one of the top “weirdos” in the “bizarro” fiction “world.”

  • Distance to Galactic Center

    Gus Visco is a Bronx-based writer. He is currently working on a historical fiction novel about the Soviet Union’s failed attempts to control the arctic psychics of Novaya Zemlya.

  • Cogitations Upon The Nature Of History

    They say that history is written by the winners. One day the feral scum of Britain will win and roam the country free. My problem is that they can't read or write.