• Stylish Ways to Carry a Gun in Public

    And more stuff in VICE Style's Week in Tidbits.

  • I Hate Fashion

    If you could see my feet-a blistered, corned, scarred mess of impenetrable calluses-you would wonder what the fuck is wrong with the brain of the girl attached to them.

  • Cult Of Running

    Most runners have one brand and make of shoe they've been buying for the past 20 years. They get locked in and never try anything different. But we had a hunch that if they were to test-drive a new-fangled shoe, they'd prefer it.

  • Dos & Don'ts

    Girls can wear cheap shit if their shoes are expensive.

  • Tidbits

    A hundred years ago all Russians wore these primitive-looking straw slippers made by peasants in Belarus. They look like Steve Martin’s “Cruel Shoes,” but holy shit are they comfortable. They feel like you’re putting your feet into vaginas.