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  • Trapped in a Town Under Siege: Syrian Children Are Eating Leaves to Survive

    When she was brought to a field hospital, Rana Obaid had all the signs of severe malnutrition—a bloated belly, glassy eyes, hollow cheeks, and bloodied gums. Doctors examined her but there was little they could do. The one-year-old died within a day...

  • Unrest in Congo Is Spreading to the Rwandan Border

    Goma, a Congolese city bordering Rwanda, is the flashpoint at the heart of the conflict ravaging eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. With the help of a UN fighting force, the Congolese army drove rebels from Goma, but questions remain as to how...

  • The Squatters of United Nations Park

    In May 2012, about 1,500 of Nepal’s poorest watched as government workers bulldozed their settlement with riot police standing by to crack any dissenting heads.

  • Sleeping Through the Slaughter

    I used an embarrassing fuck-up by one of the world's most publicly accountable organizations as a bargaining tool to get a story. They reluctantly allowed me to join a massacre investigation mission in the most damaged part of what is, if their own...

  • A Holiday Ends In Cambodia

    The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) is undertaking a unique experiment in putting the country's most murderous masochists on the stand. More than 30 years after the start of its reign, the Khmer Rouge is getting its day in court.