VICE Premiere

  • 'Kingdom' by Rochambeau

    This video captures the essence of the warrior/hunter vibe that is present in Rochambeau's fall 2013 collection. It highlights every detail—from the embroidery of the lion on their crewnecks to the pony on their dusters.

  • Mishka's Fall 2013 Collection Video

    Mishka has been a staple streetwear brand for miscreants of all stripes since 2003. So, we're super proud to debut their insane lookbook video for their 2013 fall collection, which features dizzying patterns and a new form of dancing called flexing...

  • Jimi Nxir's "Thundher" Video

    Jimi Nxir is in his own lane—honing a sound that falls somewhere between D'Angelo and Burial. It's soulful and electronic, emotive and dark. I'm super proud to premiere his debut music video for "Thundher," which was produced by Street Etiquette's...

  • A$AP Ant Directed Young Diego's Video for "Young God"

    Enjoy the video, but make sure your girlfriend doesn't hear you sing the song's ratchet-ass hook: "She come through, I get the neck and kick her out." But if she does, at least you'll have some dope tunes to listen to while you are spending the night...

  • Pimp Rapper 100s Dropped a Video for "1999"

    It doesn't seem that hard out here for a pimp, at least when you tune into a 100s music video. The Cali-bred MC, who we introduced to you back in October of last year, has sharpened up his dick-wielding, perm-rocking persona with his latest clip for...

  • James Franco Just Sent Us His Band's Latest Video

    His band is called Daddy, and he does it along with his art school buddy Tim O'Keefe. Their new video for "Crime ( remix)" is composed of footage shot on Harinezumis, which were mounted to 35mm cameras during the production of 'Spring Breakers.'