• The Royal Portrait

    When I spot the strumpet I think she’s a he-she but then I see she has the kind of large overripe breasts shemales would die for. She’s older than most Hollywood whores and she walks like she’s wearing Versace on the red carpet. I pull to a stop and...

  • Are You a Slut?

    If you're taking this quiz, then you probably already know the answer. Still, why not give your suspicions some validity?

  • The VICE Guide to Voting - High-Class Whores

    PROSTITUTION. A vocation as old as politics and half as dirty. Professional ladies and fancy gents have been taking it for cash long before Obama and Romney were shaking hands and kissing babies. If this election is about redefining social order, our...

  • Whorenado


  • Girl Johns

    Guess what. Soliciting prostitutes is not a male-only enterprise any longer. Yes, I see that look on your face that says, “Nigga, ’scuse me?” But I’m 100 percent cereal here.