• Raging Apocalyptic Viral Zombies

    You have no idea what happened in this chair.

  • Stop Saying the Miami Cannibal Was on Bath Salts

    The only thing we can responsibly say Rudy Eugene consumed that day was another man’s face.

  • The Great Wall of Mexico

    Everyone always talks about how dangerous Mexico is, but I saw nearly no evidence of this--it was all wild parties at Monica, sacred art, and atheist angel ruminations.

  • Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore

    A few years ago I wanted to try to get back into reading mainstream comics. I asked a friend who knew his shit to name some titles I should check out and the first one he mentioned was The Walking Dead.

  • Max Brooks

    Anybody who cares about the state of the world and what happens to people when disease and wars happen should read World War Z by Max Brooks. It’s a fictional oral history of “the zombie war.”