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The Scenes of Bonnaroo 2016's Final Day: Chasing Chance The Rapper, and Basking in Dead and Company

Plus check out Father John Misty, and fans taking in the fest's final hours.

Dead and Company

All photos by Joshua Mellin

It's sad to see another year of Bonnaroo wind down. Even in the final hours of the event, we managed to catch a good amount of entertainment all throughout. Most of the day, we were on a hunt for Chance The Rapper, who in the past couple days had been appearing at almost everybody's live set to the surprise and enjoyment of the crowd. When we weren't looking for Chano, we managed to take in a couple of acts that day like the John Mayer and Grateful Dead dream group Dead and Company, as well as our favorite long-haired master of folk Father John Misty. But really, it was a great day for people watching, taking in all the different types who filtered into Great Stage Park in Tennessee. Here's some of what we caught on the final day.


Chance the Rapper

Dead and Company

Father John Misty