Crypto Is Collapsing (For Now)

Coins are down across the board, the NFT market has evaporated, and the short-term future of cryptocurrency seems grim.
Image: Nayib Bukele photo.
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Some days I think that maybe we’re not all gonna make it. It’s been a bad week for cryptocurrency, and as of this recording, it’s only Tuesday. Bitcoin is down. Ethereum’s down. Stablecoin seems not so stable. The NFT market is tanking. There’s copium all around, panicked posters, and soothing souls advising everyone to buy the dip.

But won’t that just exacerbate the problem? Won’t that just delay what people outside the crypto space have been waiting to see happen: the great crypto crash.


On this episode of Cyber, Motherboard Managing Editor Jordan Pearson is here to answer all our burning crypto questions.

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