Capricorn, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli 


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Capricorn, August 2017

The planets are busy this month, Capricorn!

You Capricorns always have a packed schedule, but trust me when I tell you: This month, you'll want to keep things flexible thanks to two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. Let's take a look at what August has in store.

On August 4, Jupiter, in Libra, squares off with Pluto, which is in your sign, pushing you to chase your goals—especially the ones relating to your career or your popularity. Jupiter is the planet of luck, and Pluto, the lord of the underworld, has access to all sorts of secret places and VIP contacts, so expect spectacular and rare opportunities. But, as always with Pluto, watch for manipulators—trust your instincts!


The first eclipse this month is on August 7, the lunar eclipse in cool Air sign Aquarius, which will activate the financial sector of your chart and stir up powerful emotions of self-worth and security. Endings, and major reveals, will take place—in fact, secrets may be revealed!

What's the best way to deal with this eclipse? Let go of the past—the harder you cling to what once was, the worse you'll feel. Moving on is the best way to go. Eclipses are stressful, but they put us on the right path.

Mercury begins its retrograde in fellow Earth sign Virgo on August 12, which will cause miscommunication and delays. You, Capricorn, will have a difficult time if you're traveling, in school, working, or publishing something. This isn't a time to start new projects, make important purchases, or sign contracts, because everything is in flux. This is, however, a good time to pick up projects that you've had to put on the back burner.

On August 13, the Sun in Leo makes a harmonious connection with your ruling planet, Saturn, in Sagittarius, which will be ultra supportive of the emotional work you're doing, whether it's letting go of the past, or going deeper with a relationship. When the Sun—our source of vitality—makes a connection with Saturn—the planet of structure and stability—it will create the supportive vibe you need.

Relationship issues become obvious on August 15 when Venus, in sensitive Cancer, opposes the lord of the underworld, Pluto, which is in your sign. Watch for jealousy, possessiveness, and manipulation! Sometimes it's hot when someone gets a little miffed because a cutie winked at us in the bar; other times, it can feel suffocating and hurtful. Whether you will feel the former or the latter, Capricorn, I can't say, but it's critical that you pay attention to the power dynamics in your relationships. Step back; seek outside perspective if you feel like things are getting weird.


The solar eclipse in Leo lands August 21, activating a sensitive sector of your chart. This eclipse is major for your intimate relationships; they're about to get much deeper than you thought. Eclipses are all about showing us things in a new light, so expect to learn something profound about the intimate partnerships you're in.

Your sex life isn't the only area in which you'll feel this eclipse work its (tiring, emotional, and often stressful, but ultimately worthwhile) wonders. Complicated financial issues like taxes, debts, or inheritances will come to the fore.

Emotionally, this eclipse will reveal new ways to work with grief and transition. You'll be incredibly emotional, Capricorn. People love to call your sign coldhearted, but you'll be mushy this time of the month!

The Sun enters fellow Earth sign Virgo, and Mars connects with your ruling planet, Saturn, on August 22. Virgo season is an ultra inspiring time. Break out of your usual routine, see the world, and learn something new. Just be careful on any trips you take, Capricorn, because, as we've discussed, Mercury is retrograde in Virgo!

Mars, in Fire sign Leo, makes an easy connection with Saturn, in Sagittarius, helping you commit to, or stabilize, something that's important to you. Maybe you'll kick a bad habit, whether it's smoking or stalking your ex on social media. Or simply clarify, and express, your boundaries.

On August 25, your planetary ruler, Saturn, ends its retrograde in Sagittarius. Now, Saturn will move full steam ahead into your sign, Capricorn! Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, 2017, which will kick off an important two-and-a-half year period, dear sea goat. During it, you'll face your fears and overcome important hurdles. Saturn is a tough energy to deal with (it isn't called the taskmaster of the zodiac for no reason), but the rewards it brings when it's through straightening you out are worth it.

Venus enters Leo on August 25 (or 26, if you're on the East Coast), followed by Mercury, on August 31, reentering Leo while on its retrograde journey. Love-and-money planet Venus in Leo will be hot for, well, exactly that: love and money! Expect things to get sweeter in your sex life. Venus will bring blessings to your intimate relationships.

People will also be excited to invest in you, so this is the time to settle any debts. Conversations that began back in July—about intimacy, but also money—which, for whatever reason, couldn't be finished back then, will wrap up now that Mercury is moving back through Leo.

The month closes with lucky planet Jupiter, in Libra, making a harmonious connection with your ruling planet, Saturn, which is in Sagittarius, on August 27. It's time to plan. You'll feel inspired to move forward, and you'll feel supported after a long and turbulent month.

Jupiter, in Libra, has been bringing blessings to your career, and Saturn, in Sagittarius, has been teaching you to trust your inner voice. These two themes will combine at the end of the month. Good luck, Capricorn, and see you in September!