Watch the Trailer for the Dash Snow Documentary ‘Moments Like This Never Last’

The VICE Studios-produced film is a time capsule of Lower Manhattan's post 9/11 art scene.
dash snow mom
Photo by Cheryl Dunn

An upcoming VICE Studios-produced film, Moments Like This Never Last, explores the legacy of the late artist Dash Snow, an early 2000s New York figure who some considered to be as charismatic as Basquiat. A downtown graffiti tagger who became an international artist, Snow lived a drug- and alcohol-fueled life while attempting to continue producing his work. He left a life of privilege to become a star, creating his own family in the downtown New York scene with artists Ryan McGinley, Dan Colen, and Kunle Martins before overdosing on heroin in the East Village at 27 years old. 


“There are people that come around only once in a while that alter the course of art history, become mythic figures and sadly are sacrificed so to speak, to save other lives in the community,” Director Cheryl Dunn said of Snow, who she started filming as a 19-year-old graffiti writer. “Dash was one of these characters. He forever changed the downtown scene.”

Dunn captures the essence of Snow through archival footage and features interviews with artist Dan Colen, art dealer Jeffrey Deitch, filmmaker Larry Clark, and curator Neville Wakefield. The film opens in New York August 20 and will be released in LA and on demand September 3. Watch the first trailer below.