Tyler, The Creator Has a New Show On Our TV Channel

It's called 'Nuts + Bolts' and it's great and you can watch it from tomorrow on VICELAND.

You've seen How It's Made, right? You know how it's fascinating – seeing where Lego is born, or how Pringles squishes water and "potato flakes" together to create something extremely edible – but also quite dry, in that it's just soft-focus footage of machinery with a Microsoft AI voiceover?

Imagine the concept of that show – watching how your favourite stuff is created – but with an actually captivating host, in the form of Tyler, The Creator.

Welcome to Nuts + Bots, Tyler's brand new show for our TV channel, VICELAND, in which the rapper, producer, Odd Future Records and Wolf Gang CEO explores the things he loves and the ways they work, meeting with experts who help him invent and innovate in ways only Tyler would.

The first episode – which airs tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th of September, at 9PM – sees Tyler going behind the scenes at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, famous for producing Robot Chicken, and living out his dream of creating his very own stop motion film. You can see a preview clip of that episode here, and once you're done with that go ahead and watch the series trailer below.

Find out how to watch VICELAND here.