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Those Who Can, Peach: Here’s the Trailer for RiFF RaFF’s New Movie, ‘The Peach Panther’

Starring Perez Hilton, The Fat Jew, Sid From Slipknot, G-Eazy, and a terrifying, implacable existential unease.

Below, you can watch the first trailer for RiFF RaFF's new movie, The Peach Panther. It is a truly odd 71 seconds that mostly features RiFF RaFF, bulked up, dressed in his peach suit, pretending he's a mash-up of campy 80s Batman, John Wick, and the RiFF RaFF-esque character that James Franco played in Spring Breakers. The movie will feature Perez Hilton, The Fat Jew, Sid from Slipknot, G-Eazy, and pornstar Evan Seinfeld, among others.


Around the 40-second mark, with Drake's "Energy" playing in the background and RiFF RaFF pointing a green laser-led gun at the camera, a new star makes an appearance. Existential dread, the feeling that the world will soon suffer an all-enveloping heat death, that we are insignificant and ill-equipped to face our coming dystopia, will be the real star of The Peach Panther. Give that crushing sense of impending terror an Oscar. It's got a long and bright career ahead of it.

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